Elected Officials


Harry Rilling, Mayor of Norwalk
(203) 854-7701

Registrar of Voters

Stuart Wells, Registrar of Voters
(203) 854-7763

Common Council

Greg D. Burnett (At-Large) *Council President
Edwin Camacho (At-Large)
Josh Goldstein (At- Large)
Nora Niedzielski-Eichner (At-Large)
Barbara Smyth (At-Large)
Nicol Ayers (District A)
David Heuvelman  (District A)
Diana Revolus (District B)
Darlene Young (District B) *Majority Leader
John Kydes (District C)
Jenn McMurrer (District C)
Heidi Alterman (District D)
Lisa Shanahan (District E)
Vacancy (District E) 

Board of Education

Kara Nelson Baekey (At-Large)
Sheri McCready-Brown (At-Large)
Colin Hosten (At-Large)
Janine W. Randolph (At-Large)
Godfrey Azima (District A) 
Sherelle Harris (District B)
Diana Carpio (District C) *Chair
Erica DePalma (District D)
Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig (District E)

State Government

Bob Duff
State Senator (25th) & Majority Leader
Visit Sen. Duff’s Website
Kadeem Roberts
State Representative (137th)
Visit Rep. Robert’s Website
Travis Simms
State Representative (140th)
Visit Rep. Simms’ Website
Lucy Dathan
State Representative (142nd)
Visit Rep. Dathan’s Website
Dominique Johnson
State Representative (143rd)

Federal Government

Jim HimesJim Himes
Representative to U.S. Congress (4th)
Visit Rep. Himes’ Website
Dick BlumenthalRichard Blumenthal
U.S. Senator
Visit Sen. Blumenthal’s Website
Chris MurphyChris Murphy
U.S. Senator
Visit Sen. Murphy’s Website