2023 Democratic Candidates

Meet Our 2023 Democratic Candidates
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Position District Name
Mayor city wide Harry W. Rilling*
City Treasurer city wide Donna King
City Sheriff city wide Robert E. Burgess*
Town Clerk city wide Richard A. McQuaid*
Common Council city wide Greg Burnett, Sr*
Common Council city wide Barbara Smyth*
Common Council city wide Josh Goldstein*
Common Council city wide Nora Niedzielski-Eichner *
Common Council city wide Johan Lopez
Common Council A Nicol Ayers*
Common Council A Jalin Sead
Common Council B Dajuan Wiggins
Common Council B Darlene Young*
Common Council C Melissa Murray
Common Council C Jenn McMurrer*
Common Council D Jan Degenshein
Common Council D Douglas Sutton
Common Council E Jim Frayer*
Common Council E Lisa Shanahan*
Board of Education A Samantha Pleasants
Board of Education B Howard White
Board of Education C Diana Carpio*
Board of Education D Ashley Gulyas
Board of Education E Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig*
Selectmen city wide Andy Garfunkel*
Selectmen city wide Samuel Pride*
Constable city wide Darius Williams
Constable city wide Ernest W. Dumas*
Constable city wide Jalin Sead*
Constable city wide Johnie Mae Weldon*
Treasurer 1st TD Rosa Murray*
Commissioner 2nd TD Sonja Oliver*
Commissioner 2nd TD David Westmoreland*
Treasurer 2nd TD Darlene Young*
Commissioner 3rd TD Pamela Parkington*
Commissioner 6th TD Jody Sattler*