Josh Goldstein

Photo Credit: Aviva Maller Photography

Running for: Common Council At-Large

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Josh Goldstein is a Democratic candidate running for an At-Large position on Norwalk’s Common Council. The youngest candidate running city-wide, Josh believes that Norwalk’s government should reflect its people: diverse in all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, united by a common desire to improve the city we are proud to call home.

Raised in Connecticut, Josh moved to Norwalk because he wanted to live in a growing city with a rich history and culture. In 2019, Mayor Harry Rilling appointed Josh to the Zoning Commission. As a member of the Zoning Commission, Josh voted in support of numerous projects including the now-finished soccer complex at West Rocks Middle School, a 69-unit expansion of Colonial Village, a state-of-the-art girls softball field at Brien McMahon High School, and the Wall Street Place complex. In his capacity as a commissioner, Josh has listened to and learned from citizens across Norwalk about what is truly significant to them and what they want Norwalk to become. Josh believes that city government service is about making our values a reality and will strive to do that on the Common Council.

A position on the Common Council should be used to amplify voices that oftentimes do not have a seat at the table. Josh deeply believes in the importance of seeking and understanding the perspectives of those who have different lived experiences. Josh believes that all Norwalkers deserve representation on the Common Council and will fight to make Norwalk a place where its citizens continue to feel that its government is working for them.

Josh is a trial attorney with the law firm of Adelman, Hirsch & Connors, LLP. There, he represents people who have been injured due to negligent or reckless actions. Josh earned his law and master’s degrees from Syracuse University and his undergraduate degree from George Washington University.

Josh lives with his partner Elizabeth in South Norwalk.