Mayor Harry Rilling

Running for: Re-Election, Mayor of Norwalk

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Twitter: @RillingFor Mayor

Harry Rilling was first elected Mayor on November 5, 2013 following a campaign that offered open and accessible government, fiscal responsibility, and responsiveness to the educational needs of the City. Harry has kept those campaign promises to Norwalk voters who have overwhelmingly supported him in four elections. Harry is a lifelong Norwalk resident, former Norwalk police officer and Norwalk Chief of Police, and current Mayor of Norwalk. He has seen the City grow, expand, and become the beautiful diverse community it is today. It is his privilege and honor to serve the residents of Norwalk.

On a personal level, Harry is married to Lucía Rilling and makes his home in West Norwalk. He has three children, seven grandchildren, is an avid golfer and loves to read.